White-tailed Deer

The star of Togo Island is the White-tailed Deer. We have had a DMAP program on the property since 1993, which means detailed and complete harvest records have been kept for more than 20 years of every deer taken on property. This gives the staff of Togo is able to use that data to continue improving the quality of deer that populate the land. With a significantly more intensive herd management program over the last six years, focused on age structure and trophy quality, Togo has cultivated a herd unmatched in the area.

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Being at the mouth of the Big Black and Mississippi Rivers leads to wonderful waterfowl. The confluence of the two rivers makes for a consistent winter home for migratory fowl, adding an exciting element for hunting members.
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Small Game and Fish

The diverse flora of Togo Island also attracts a variety of small game, such as squirrels, rabbits, possums and raccoons. Many fishing lakes of various sizes are scattered throughout the property, so fishing is abundant, too.

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