Welcome to Deer Paradise.

Togo Island has long been called “deer paradise,” but it is really a utopia for outdoorsmen. The area’s rich and storied history on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River goes back more than 50 years. Just upstream of the convergence of the Mississippi and Big Black rivers, our 7,202.7 contiguous acres are considered by all who visit to be an ultimate experience in recreational enjoyment. The focus is on trophy deer hunting (some have likened Togo Island to a deer factory), but the duck, turkey, and small game hunting are top notch as well.

The deer habitat is second to none, due in part to an abundance of mast crop as well as dewberry, which is extremely high in protein and considered by most biologists to be the favored browse of the whitetail deer. In addition to planted winter food plots, Togo has plans to develop a summer grazing program of 200+ acres of soybeans and other high-protein food source.

TV Episodes

Enjoy recent episodes of Primos Truth About Hunting, filmed right here at Togo Island.

Historic River Basin Hunting

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In addition to the abundant wildlife, the Mississippi River basin offer a unique experience of nature and history. The powerful Mississippi has shifted over the years, creating a dynamic and changing landscape that is exciting yet peaceful to explore.

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